Custom Straight Ladder with dive-in


We customize a straight ladder to fit your RV, just give us the measurements below.


Custom Straight Ladder


PLEASE NOTE: Standard ladder width is 12 inches unless otherwise stated.


Please provide these required measurements for the custom straight ladder with dive-in below. Use the diagram on the left to locate measurements.

Measurement A
Measure from the center line of the mounting base to the center line of the stand-off.
Measurement B
Measure from the top edge of the hand rail to bottom edge of the upper mounting base.
Measurement C
Measure the front edge of the handrail (point where it slopes downward) to the back edge of the handrail.
Measurement D
Measure the distance from the top edge of the hand rail to the bottom edge of the mounting base.
Measurement E
Measure the length of the stand-off.
Measurement F
Measure the outermost edge of the ladder to the base of the mounting point.







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